got sooo many many inspiration after browsing here and there in this two days.. declare to myself that since this moment on i've got to be moooore and mooooooore productive! promise myself for using the spare time more wisely!

well it could start with:

1. finish the WIP (Nataya's Shawl)
2. learn how to crochet
3. learn how to use the sewing machine (it's been sitting right there on the table since years ago and i even haven't touched it till now. how embarrassing!)
4. start thinking about some visual identity for some brand, continued with the production and everything about it. target launch: APRIL 2010
5. slowly but sure: decorating the house using creativity (low cost-high look, hehe)
6. building a study room as a priority
7. involved Nataya in various art projects. so when i'm busy 'working' she could be as busy as i am :)

i am sure i can do it. yeah! everybody else can (which i'm sure they are in the same situation as i am), so why can't i? god, please give me the willing, the strength, and the opportunity! :)

be focus my dear, be focus!

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