crafty mood galoooore

nataya had a make-up class today because she was ill and absent last friday. since i have no lectures on thursdays, so i could do some me-time ;) at first i thought of going to the gym, but i'm thinking of doing something more interesting such as: shopping! :D

so i went for:
  • art supplies (watercolor & paper) at Yosiko (checked)
  • siputox -- for the overdosed snail on the frontyard (checked)
  • a birthday present for my father in law (checked)
  • knitting yarn (checked)

window-shopping at a large bookstore always makes me happy, and.. also.. POOR -sigh. the main purpose was buying A present for my father in law, but the 50% label on some other things was really attempting -sigh. so i made myself buying another birthday present (for a kid at nataya's school) and 4 photo frames. fiuh. plus a book about doing craft with your kids (Creative Play for your toddler, Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol). gah.

after the book-store, i went to a mall where a batik bazaar is held. i thought of buying some batik fabrics for a friend as a farewell gift. but the batik tasik was so so so expensive, twice as much from the ones i bought at the last jawa barat craft expo, geez.. 

then i went to tobucil, looking for some yarn that match this wip shawl. 

the previous store (craft & co) is running out of the first yarn and don't have any yarn that match. 

luckily, tobucil have this purple yarn! yahooo! so i could finish this wip asap :) although it's a different kind from the first yarn -- a bit lighter and local (the first one is Korean -- 20,000 rupiahs per roll), but it's still ok and match laa.. ;) and i also bought a handmade knitting needle. both the yarn and the needle are 100% made in Bandung.

would the purple yarn match the wip?

tobucil has a wide range of local yarns (drrroool). plus they are cheaper from the previous store. only 10,000 rupiahs per roll. too bad i didn't take pictures. i was in a bit hurry because it was nearly time to pick nataya at school :P

oh i'm so in the mood for knitting now. too bad the illustration projects is the first point on today's to-do-list. i hope my watercoloring skill didn't fade away as time goes by.

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