her drawing

there was a time when nataya loves to "draw", making lines, using lots of colors, and wasn't afraid whether she was wrong or right, just draw, making lines, lines, lines, lines.. i love that moment :) and was hoping that she could be like that until.. forever :P

ma, how about my art piece?
nataya, 17.5 months

nataya's drawing (making tattoo on her hand), 20 months

benang kusut
nataya's drawing, 21 months

then there was a moment when she was afraid of doing the drawing. she prefers us to draw for her. she seems to be afraid of making mistakes in drawing :( and that was the moment i was a bit disappointed and worried that she would do that for the rest of her life..

little drawing
nataya, 2 years 8 months

but lately, her confidence strikes back. yay! she begins to like drawing again, and willing to try in drawing new shapes. she is an expert in circles, btw :) and yesterday, she could draw triangles by herself. she also could draw a happy face, a sad face, a shark, a sun, fishes in the water.. and some other things that i don't remember :D

hope (later) she could draw better than i do :)

showing off
nataya showing off her drawing happily, 3 years 3 months


  1. Nice! I get jealous with kids who can draw carelessly like that :). Good job Nataya!

  2. @astrid thank youu :) yeah me too actually ;)