so, sami's got the varisela too. from nataya off course.. actually, since the last weekend he came to Bandung. but he went back to the J-town on the monday because he got some stuff to do at the office. in the afternoon he went to the doctor who told him that he was positively varisela infected. poooooor him. 

he got absent the next day, spending the first week of illness at home in J-town. after his body temperature went back to normal on the 6th day, he decided to go back to Bandung, spending the next extra week at home. 

man, his varisela was awful compared to nataya's. his body & face was fully spotted by the varisela dots. brrr. luckily, i've got this fever when i was around 4 years old so hopefully i wouldn't re-infected. *finger crossed*

anyway, i went lecturing this morning and nataya went to school. while sami stayed at home. i was pretty sure at first that he really wanted to spend the morning: resting a.k.a doing nothing while watching TV or DVD. butttttt what he actually did was being busy in the kitchen. and this is one.. (yes one) of the results: chocolate cake, which was, actually, made to fulfill my craving of one creamy bold chocolate cake. and it turns out, hmm.. well not really like what i want, but well, yeah.. not bad :) thank you anyway, honey :-*

made by the patient

i didn't photographs the other dishes: 2 cups of cream caramels, and dinner cooking: pokchoy in oyster sauce, prawns in sour and sweet sauce.

btw nataya was really excited finding that her dad was still in the house during weekdays. she was waaay tooooo excited. she enjoys the cooking with her dad, playing pretending and hanging out with her dad very much :)


  1. yuuum... drooling! :)

  2. @dela :P and on my surprise, the cake turns out very yummy after keeping it in the fridge for couple of hours :)