the shawl and the earrings


hurah! finally! nataya's wrap-shawl was done this morning :) i must say it was not that perfect, but i'm pretty happy with the result. this is my first big size piece after the tiny pieces such as the baby booties and caps.

nataya's booties
nataya's booties, 2006

to be honest, there were many mistakes here and there on the shawl. but i was too lazy to unknit and redo it :P cause i'm sure people won't notice anyway :D and it's actually a bit oversized for nataya, but still ok-laaa :P nataya seems to love wearing it. and that makes me much happier :)

we went to the mall this afternoon, and the main department store was holding this big sale event. i wasn't interested at first. and nothing seems to be good on the bag & shoes section. but when i was wandering around the accessories section, monet was cut up to 60%. whew.

so i decided to take these two :D
new new new!


  1. nataya cantekkkk! btw minta alamat lo dongsss, ini giveaway blm dikirim2 :P

  2. hahahaha, iya tuh yang lagi sibuk pindahan. hihi. gue imel yah! ;) thanks loh :) anyway, makasyeh tante amesh --> kata nataya :P

  3. eh, lucu lho shawlnya... matching pulak ama jepit rambutnya ata. jadi pengen knitting, tapi ga tau mo bikin apa.

  4. @thalia umm kali ini bikin buat dirimu sendiri mungkin? :D anyway, makasyeeeehh :)

  5. wah, kamu knitting toh? hebaaatttt... :D
    tante vira nggak dibikinin apa kek gitu? :P

  6. @tante vira, baiklah nanti kapan-kapan ya.. hahahaha.. gue lama booo kalao knitting.. :D