hat & crown

inspired by dita (via the urban mama's article), i decided to entertain nataya in making one. but it didn't went well because i was too lazy to create something fancy for decorating the hat. i just use the newspaper itself for making the flower :D

see, it doesn't look as beautiful as dita's, huh? ;)

nataya didn't like the first hat very much, thus she asked me to make her a crown. yes, a crown. while i was cutting the newspaper into a crown shape, i wondered where she got the idea of crowns, dresses and princesses. i myself never played any princesses' movies nor read her any princesses' books. hmmm..

after she got the crown, she asked me to make her a dress (!!) which was impossible :P so i just change her t-shirt and pants into a batik dress :D

but the crown itself looks like a padangnese crown, doesn't it? :D 

then i remember that i have seen a tutorial of making crowns in the book that i bought before. and after a couple of days, tadaa.. this crown looks better than the newspaper one, isn't it?

anyway, nataya is having varicela aka chicken-pox since last Friday. she's getting better now. but we still have to wait until the rashes are ALL clear, then she could go back to school. phew. she's been absent for a week and i guess it will be one week to go.. be patient, dear ;)


  1. awwwww... very nice crown Jeng As ;)
    smoga Nataya cepet sembuh yaaaa

  2. @dian heheh, not bad eh? ;) iya udah sehat nih. besok sudah ke sekolah lagi :)