belly painting

one of my besties, Kirana -- a make-up artist, asked me to draw on her bump for her personal maternity photo-shoot. i wasn't really sure what to draw or paint. though i'm a graphic designer, i'm not really good in drawing nor painting, lol.

she told me i could paint anything i like/want, but i know that deep down inside she wanted me to paint a neat tribal (oh well -__-") well, actually i did, but i wasn't really happy with the result, so i won't show it off here :P but, i was quite happy with the other one, this simple painting :)

what to draw?
make-up time

anyway, Kirana gave birth to her second child on April 3, 2011, 6 days after the photo-session. it was a baby girl, named Refana Ayesa. Picture taken from Farry's (the dad) facebook :)

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