souvenir batch

ouch! this story actually happened at the early days of 2011, such a long delay, hihi. anyways, i've got a souvenir order from a girl who was getting married at the end of january 2011. she wanted the say-it-with pencils with a sophisticated packaging in a vintage feeling. i came up with some ideas, but finally we decided to cover the pencils in a granny chic feeling with flowery fabrics and lacy ribbons.

k.e.d for Laraz & Ari
she ordered 125 packages, each with 2 pencils in it. the saying on each pencil was (1) Ari (heart) Lrz are officially married!!, and (2) Ari & Lrz 'till death do us apart..

in progress
in progress
in progress
in progress
batch of souvenirs in progress
i sewed all the packaging by myself with some help from my mother. truthfully i am a newbie in sewing and i think this was my new commercial project in sewing. it went smoothly though the sewing machine got troubled at the last pouches, haha.

the girl, Laraz, was satisfied with the result, as she told me via sms: (1) "…Cantik sekali.. I Love it! Thx yah.." (2) "..Iya sudah aku bongkar, thx jg gift nya pokoknya aku suka bgt.." glad she loved it though i was one day late in shipping the whole batch (oups). but i made in on-time :)

it was fun doing this. though a bit exhausting as the deadline was pretty tight. thank you Laraz for trusting k.e.d stationery :) *bighugs* 


  1. Angki, this is very cool. It's fun to see you developing your business - I'm kind of envious! Best of luck with everything.

  2. hi linette, thank you for stopping by! ;) aww no need to envy :P you make beautiful quilts as well ;)

  3. You are so creative..love em so much!!

    So young but so chic ;)

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  4. hi gricia, thank you so much! ;)

  5. mbak angki, boleh minta alamat imelnya ga..?
    aku mau tanya2 ttg souvenir., lucuuu banget..!

    1. hello, imel sajah ke kotak.emas.design@gmail.com. ditungguu ;)