his first event

come, come!

last week, on 26 May 2012, i helped Sami with his first event. under the name of 'es.ka.pe', he participated in sMart Dialogue, an event held by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Jakarta. More about the event, please go here :)

last year (under the name of GLUTEN) he participated in Locafore, he joined together with Oma Anna and friends, but this time it's his own, so i may say that this is officially his first event :P what he brought this time are surely food & drink, which are: chicken wrap, nachos with salsa & guacamole dip, nachos with chili beans, and the refreshing iced lemon mint drink.

the menuchicken wrap in the making!
the baked tuna pasta
beautiful collage artworks
printing on tote bags
night visitors

i was totally busy helping Sami from the time we arrived, did the setting, then came the lunch time, continued until the afternoon, then came the dinner time. wow! i realized late in the afternoon that i hadn't looked around and took pictures of other booths yet! so pardon me, most of the pics above are a bit low-light as they're mostly taken in the evening (that is when our goods are mostly sold out and had the chance to walk around). but i managed to bring home this pretty pouch and passport cover from simalakamma (the booth just next to us, hihi)

brought home

anyway, we really love the atmosphere, nice crowd and great ambience! thank you Dia.Lo.Gue! would love to have a chance to participate in the next events ;)

more pics of the day.

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