there's an owl in our kitchen!

good morning owl!

that was my tweet on a Friday morning. yes, there WAS an OWL in our kitchen! oh my. so hours before the sunrise, perhaps around 3-4 am, when i was finishing k.e.d goody bags order in the studio, i heard noises from the kitchen, like banging and mouse squeaking. but i didn't take a peep into the kitchen, instead i went upstairs, sleeping :D

in the morning, about 6 am, i went to the kitchen (our kitchen is at back-patio) to prepare nataya's breakfast & bento. then i heard some kind of "huuhuu.."-sound from the back-area of the house. and there it is, the owl, sitting beneath the water reservoir. eeek! i was stressed out, hhooow come??? while nataya was super excited seeing an owl inside the house-area, she said that it was adorable like some stuffed-animal -- --"

i was hoping that it would flew away by its own, instead it flew inside to our kitchen! and sat nicely above the top shelf. arggghh! so i didn't do any cooking that morning. and then we just went to school & work.

we came back around noon, hoping that it had flown away from the kitchen's shelf. but it was still there. argghhhh!

so i called the security to make it go. then the owl got stressed out, it pooped and urined everywhere in the kitchen. aaaarggggh! but finally the security man managed to take the owl away. i didn't want to know what he would do with the owl, i just wished that everything went well and nobody got hurt. so sorry owl, to make you caught by the security man. well you didn't fly away by your own!

and now, i am always suspicious when doing things in the kitchen, especially when it gets dark. aaaarrghhh. but i do wish the owl is ok now - hopefully :)

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