sunday lunch

sunday's late lunch at home
sami's creation: home-made pasta with pesto and shredded roasted chicken breast on top.

OH hello blog-world! i'm back. and hopefully not just for a temporary moment :) so what made me disappeared? during my blogging-break, i was very occupied (mostly) with Nataya (off course) & husband (he got hospitalized in April), lecturing (i handled 3 classes this semester, wew!), and went back-forth Bandung-Singapore for several times in March-April-May (that's another story). though in between i could manage doing small projects for k.e.d. buttt, unfortunately, couldn't manage to re-stock for the stockists :( hopefully in the near time! apparently,  i've asked for a short break from lecturing during this short semester. for me it is surely good news (ops, pardon me XP) as i could do more for k.e.d, including designing new items for the next season. it's about time, don't you think? and this time, i want it for real! R E A L!!! :)) so inspiration, come to mama! :))

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