Rice Bowl, Anyone?

Hong Kong Sauce Chicken Rice Bowl+Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl

Had dinner at Rice Bowl, Plaza Semanggi with Sami, Tanti and Ario a few days ago. The promotion posters successfully made us go there. Well, the food looks good on it plus the prices were reasonable enough. But the dinner itself was not really successfull. Well, at least not as we'd imagined.

It was rather crowded when we got there. So we had to be rather speedy to get a proper table. And since no waiters helped us to have a table, we had to fight to get one. The waiter who got our order was friendly enough and had a fairy good product knowledge. But the service itself was a bit lousy. The other waiters weren't friendly and they were slow as hell. We were just asking for some chopsticks and an extra plate but they didn't react instantly. We had to ask for it over and over. And that was irritating enough.

Anyway, I had Hong Kong Sauce Chicken Rice Bowl, Rp10.000,- (not included 10% tax). While Sami had the "menu favorite" set menu which consisted of Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl, a bottle of mineral water, and a cup of Red Bean Ice Cream, Rp16.900,- (not included 10% tax). Tanti wasn't really hungry, so she shared Fish Fillet With Scrumbled Egg, Rp22.900,- (not included 10% tax) with Ario (who was officially in a diet). The rice bowls were not good. The rice was tooo dry. Sami and I couldn't stop drinking whilst chewing to help us swallowing it. Sami's Lemon Chicken was as hard as stone. No crispy at all. While my HK Sauce Chicken had no special taste, although it's more tender. The taste was fully helped by the chopped garlic spread over the chicken. I didn't taste the Fish Fillet because I had already lost my appetite. Tanti and Ario didn't have any comment of it. Seemed that they weren't satisfied enough. And how about the Red Bean Ice Cream? It was way tooo sweet! Giung edan!

Overall, IMHO not recommended. I wouldn't comeback even as a treat!

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