Some kids in my neighbourhood made that in front of my auntie's house. It's like a huuuge painting on the street. Chalked with one colour. Red. Kinda reminds me of a subject (PSSR, stands for Pengantar Studi Seni Rupa~Introduction to Art Study) back in the uni. The lecturer, Prof. Dr. Primadi Tabrani, once told us about things behind children's drawings. Children's drawings usually contain the child's idea or imagination. They could also be "movie", narate things that happen lately in the child's life. And no matter how "weird" they are, we'd better appreciate them. Well, most people, especially parents still think that appropriate drawings are detailed realistic ones. So the sun MUST be yellow, it couldn't be pink. You know, that kinda stuff.
So, what do you think these kids are trying to say in their street drawing?

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