Turning 25

What so special of being 25?
Some might said that life actually begins at 25. While the others told me that a 25-year-old female is like roses in the springtime. Fresh, fully bloomed, great scented, and attractive. Ready tobe fertilized by a honeybee. Wihiey.. So the age of 25 must be a female's prime time of beauty and freshness, no? And since i'm reaching that age, i must be like a rose now. *wink wink*
Anyway, i was in Bandung on the day i turned out 25. And it was my Dad's birthday too. I've got a little present from my little sista with a cute card in it. Thank you so much, sista! :) And a blackforest birthday cake with a 25-candle on it for dessert from my parents after a casual dinner at home. Sami was also in Bandung. He had somethin different this year. Made me feel like there were tons of butterflies in my stomach :*)
And.. thank you all for the birthday wishes via sms, phone, emails, and egreetings. I feel very blessed that you guys still remembered my birthday. Love you all!

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