Pityriasis rosea

I went to the doctor the other day after I found out some itching rashes on my skin. She told me it's Pityriasis rosea, a kind of influenza that attacks the skin, caused by a kind of virus. The good news, it's harmless, the bad news it will last for 8-12 weeks but sometimes longer (eek!) and no meds will do anything exept reducing the itching (oh my!). The other bad news, I have to avoid: instant noodles, lamb, durian, ikan teri, terasi and shrimps. And have to be very careful when consuming other seafood or fish because it could make the itching become worse. Argggh!! Since seafood, salmon sushi and sashimi are my fave foods, this happen tobe the worst news ever!!!
My doctor prescibes me two kind of meds and one kind of cream which I have to consume for about 2-3 weeks, only to reduce the itching. However the pigmentation of the rash may take longer to fade, but will eventually dissapear sooner or later. I've read on the internet that moderate sun exposure or ultraviolet light treatment may also help.

So. Now I'm fasting for seafood and have to sunbath every morning. Perhaps until the end of this year. (eek!)

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  1. hello I also got this problem right now...in the middle of my pregnancy...I hope everything is going all right both of us especially for my baby..So how is your baby right now..is she health?